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The Incredible Custom Domain Name Sale!

Purchase a domain name for your MyCylex website. Now with our special Summer sale you can acquire a custom domain name at special summer prices! The sales last till August 1, 2015!
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The Incredible Summer Sale: Reloaded

We offer mind­-blowing discounts for building you a professional website! 50% off of our regular prices! Grab this opportunity right now, since it lasts till August 31, 2015.
Summer Sale at MyCylex
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Incredible Summer Sale at

Our Starter Pack is accessible more than ever! Get those Summer coupons at 50% off of our usual price! Use the following code SUMMER2015. For more information contact us. The summer promotion is available only till August 31, 2015!
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MyCylex without boundaries

We are proud to announce that Pagix, CLX and are launched. Our aim is to become a brand without borders, to offer people from many different countries the possibility of using our tool!
MyCylex Facebook Contest
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Win a £500 worth website!

How would you like to have a £500 worth website with a design created specifically for your business? Now you can have it, by entering our Facebook contest. Don't miss this opportunity! Good luck!
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The official MyCylex Sitebuilder launch! Where's your website?

Do you want to build a website for free, with a tool that is easy to use and requires no technical skills? Then you're in the right place! MyCylex Sitebuilder is the perfect choice. Find out why ...