The fact that the contact page is one of the most essential parts of a website is overlooked in most cases. People think that putting the contact details on the page along with a contact form is enough. I must say: 'On the contrary!' You need to have a contact page that is out of the ordinary, since it is the only gateway for your visitors to get through and get in touch with you.


So let's see … what can you do in order to enhance the quality of your contact page? First thing's first: I'm not saying you have to throw out everything you have on your contact page. We all use the basics: leave your address, phone number, email and of course, use a contact form (as this has become one of the latest trends). However, this is not enough. You need to give it a personal touch as well, personalise it, make it different from the other boring contact pages, that all look the same. / stand out of the eternal crowd of contact pages.

If you look at designer websites, you will see that in general they have the most interesting contact pages, but that shouldn't mean you can't have one too. Not everyone is a designer, sure… but creativity is there, you just need to find it in yourself. The secret lies in paying attention to the little details, which can have great effects. Let's start with the texts. Usually there is very little text on contact pages besides the contact details; there may be a short sentence or two (something like: Please get in touch with us, using the contact information below.) but that's about it. All this would be OK, but when you see a lot of contact pages with the same structure and the same 'mini'-texts it gets boring/predictable. Why not change that? Here is how:

1. One of the most efficient ways of achieving this is replacing the kind of 'standard' forms with more user-friendly expressions. For instance, instead of having a headline that says 'Contact us' or 'Get in Touch' you could use 'Say hello/hi', or 'Want to talk?'. There are other examples like this one:


Using colourful letters or unique fonts can also make your contact information more appealing. Instead of only putting the contact details on the page, you could also try to interact with the visitors, with sentences like these:

- Would you like to talk to us? Here's your chance!

- Do you have something to say? We are all ears :)

- Be brave and try to get in touch … we don't bite!

You can use anything that comes to mind, anything that would differ from the usual. The point is to have something that would start the ball rolling.

There are various other approaches that could make your contact page more appealing to the visitors.

2. One of them is inserting some pictures which represent the idea of contacting someone, and they are funny at the same time. This way the contact page of your website will also have something unique that stirs up the interest of the visitors and makes them more willing to engage. Here are some ideas to make my point clearer: pictures about antique phones, messages in a bottle, homing pigeons or postcards.




3. Another tip is to use a different layout, one that has sidebars and write a little bit about yourself in one of the sidebars. Place a picture of yourself or the customer support team of your company next to the text, to make it more 'real'. If people see a face that they can associate with your business, they tend to be more trusting and it is more likely that they will contact you.



4. You could also put a testimonial in one of the sidebars, or on another part of the contact page. I know it sounds a little odd, but if you think about it, seeing and reading a testimonial or a review could contribute a lot when the visitors come to a decision.

5. Using the navigation manager in a sidebar to create an additional menu with the contact options will be seen as something 'refreshing' as well.

It's all about making your contact page interesting enough for the visitors to take the next step. Hopefully these tips will help you achieve just that!