It was that time before Christmas … the time when the Christmas spirit gets hold of you, so you start to prepare, buy gifts and make sure everything is in its place for the holiday. We at MyCylex were thinking about a way to surprise our dear customers. This is why we decided to create 3 different Christmas templates.


In order to make that happen as fast as possible, we needed to find a set of Christmas icons, that we could use. So that's how we found Our attention was instantly caught by the high quality of the resources that they offer.

RocketTheme is best known for the 'RocketTheme Joomla Template Club' which creates wonderful Joomla templates. Nevertheless, what we want to emphasise here is the excellent set of icons that the team let us use in the Christmas templates of our Sitebuilder. Without these icons, the templates wouldn't have been such a success. Therefore, here's a big 'Thanks!' for the guys behind RocketTheme.

Regardless if you need new themes, plugins, extensions or icon sets, we highly recommend this website. Not only will you find very useful and amazing quality resources, but you will also see that the support offered by the team and the community is exceptional.

We hope that everyone enjoyed our Christmas templates and that more and more people will use them again, when they want their website to be in tune with the holiday next Christmas!