Now you can harness the powers of Google Webmaster Tools. Connecting your MyCylex site to Google Webmaster Tools is a click away. While logged into Webmaster Tools you can see a big red “Add a site” button in the top right corner. After clicking there you need to enter the URL of your site. You can copy-paste it from the browser’s address bar. It might be something like:


After that you need to verify the site ownership. This can be done in two easy steps. First go to alternate methods in Webmaster Tools, choose HTML tag, then copy the code from the white field.


Next go to your MyCylex site, and in the Site Settings menu there is a “Webmaster Tools” option. (If you don’t see it, you need to log into MyCylex.) After a click, you will be prompted to enter the HTML tag, you copied from Webmaster Tools in the previous step. So paste it there, and voil√†: you just connected your MyCylex site to Webmaster Tools.

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