Let's face a bitter yet quite topical fact: we can no longer be mere passive residents or passers-by in an era of modest frightening. In the 21st century lifestyle has gained extra velocity and everything turned into a much more louder version of itself. Yes, the rhythm got more terrifying, while people's attitude more extravagant. You can expect unforeseen zombie pranks, killer clown jokes, vampire attacks around the corner, fake intestines, etc. hanging all over the place. People dress even their pets up in their favorite horror show character.

Halloween attacked the whole world. Once it was considered an excessive and flamboyant, however, geographically limited to the US, way of showing off, now it has widespread like wildfire throughout the whole world. The Day of the Dead is all over the news, it has transformed into a fashion hype, a buzzword, an overpowering phenomenon. TV series, like The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and Penny Dreadful largely contributed to people's Halloween creativity and ingenuity.

If you assume just a traditional and old-school dress for Halloween in the fashion of The Crow, Joker, Witches of Eastwick or Salem you will not achieve the same effect as once before. People will dab boringly at you. Likewise, if you opt not to take into consideration the potential financial advantages or be satisfied with a regular website for Halloween you might cause some serious damage to your business. It could be equal with an own goal.

Here at MyCylex Sitebuilder we took proper measures to stir up still waters. Check out our new horror templates here and here.  They will provide you with the initial boost of funny and scary ideas how to organize your website according to the expectations of the festive atmosphere.

All you have to do is create a new website with our Halloween template. Dress up your products and services in Halloween attire, make some photos and upload them to your site. Therefore, you can attract more visitors and possible customers, both young and adult.

Do not let Halloween be just another day in the calendar!