If you have a website created with MyCylex we are happy to let you know that starting from today (September 24th, 2014) you can buy your custom domain through us. This post will walk you through the process.


By buying a domain name, your mycylex.co.uk root-domain will be replaced with your custom domain name. So, instead of 'companyname.mycylex.co.uk' , your visitors will find your website at 'companyname.co.uk' .

Let's get started!

In order to buy your domain name, first you need to login into your MyCylex account. Now that you are on your Dashboard, you will see next to your site name ‘Site actions' in the right corner. From here, you need to click on 'Custom domain'.



A window will pop-up. You will have to click on 'Get a new domain now' .


In the first field you have to type in your desired domain name. From here you can choose domains such as '.com' , 'co.uk' , '.org' , '.net' and more. In the other ones you will have to provide us with the information for the domain ownership.


Next click on the blue 'Register' button. Then you will be redirected to the 'Billing Information' page.


Once you go through all the steps required, you will be redirected to the final form. To complete it press the orange 'Pay Now' button and in approximately 48 hours your custom domain name will be connected to your MyCylex website.


Get started today by searching for your one-of-a-kind website name. Feel free to contact us if there is anything we can provide assistance with!

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