Get a whiff of that, love is in the air! In store front windows and flower shops, on TV, in restaurants, your mom's house, pretty much everywhere. You've guessed it – Valentine's Day is almost here. Whip up a batch of those Pinterest found cupcakes, buy chocolates and write a cute note for your fiancée, surprise your girlfriend with a candlelit dinner, or watch sappy love stories with your husband – whatever floats your heart shaped boat!

Fact: Valentine's Day is the second busiest time of the year, shopping wise anyways. Analyzed from a marketing standpoint, this holiday's a powerful revenue magnet and choosing to overlook it constitutes as a bad business move. Couples everywhere express their love with big and small, but significant, gestures. So, why shouldn't you make the most of it?

While you're comfortably sitting under the misconception that this is a “lovey dovey items only” holiday, your competition is out there attracting customers and bringing in the dough. Our team took a first step for you and added a wide range of Valentine's themed icons meant to touch on your customers' sentimental string but also to emphasize your products and services. The focus was not only style, but also functionality, so that we may cover as many areas from everyday life as possible. We love social media as much as the next guy, so we've designed a number of social icons to cover that area – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and much more.

Get creative with your website, even if you're running a technical oriented company. Identify your desired target audience and start working from there. Easily integrate our modern minimalist, yet cute icons, loved by even the pickiest hipster (he'll never admit to it though) in your website's design and you're well on your way to increasing your traffic.


Trust your creative side, paint your website in pink hues, dip it in chocolate, cover it in rosy scents and wrap it with a nice red bow. Don't overdo it though! It's better to keep things classy and minimal.

So, where can you find these icons? It's quite simple - drag and drop any "Picture" widget from the "Basic widgets" group to the working interface of your website and click on it for configuration. Next, press the "Browse Uploaded Images" button and click on the Icons tab and browse through our Holiday category to select any Valentine's Day icons you need. Hey, we've even uploaded new backgrounds and patterns for your complete website makeover. Yeah, we're cool like that!

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