We had an extraordinary vision from the very beginning, an unspeakable dream, which was finally voiced. You can call it a sense of mission outlined in the moment MyCylex Sitebuilder ever saw daylight. We nurtured the thought to give everyone the chance to have or create a website. Being present in Western markets, such as the United Kingdom, was only the first step towards making our plan become reality.


This is why we published Pagix, CLX and MyCylex.de. These three are the Romanian, Hungarian and German versions of the MyCylex Sitebuilder. We hope that there will be many people interested in trying out our sitebuilder tool in other countries as well. Have at it :)

With small but confident steps we are heading towards unchartered new territories. We aim at building in many languages so Mycylex could become a brand without borders, a tool to unite users. Therefore, they can easily put their hands on a proper world wide web representation. The MyCylex community needs your membership. Join us right now and stay tuned for the other versions of MyCylex yet to come.


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