Let me update you guys with some of our new features. They will actually make your sitebuilder experience much more colourful and create a bridge of vivid interaction with your visitors. Since we developed our tool, introduced new templates and provided plenty of room for artsy exploration we have added a series of features.

1. Image border

One of them is called Image border enabling you to opt for leaving or keeping the borderline of the original photo or image. You will find this little trick in the top right corner of the uploaded image. Hover your mouse over the cogwheel and select Border.


There you will see the box Remove default border. Tick the box if your intention is to remove the border. Leave it unticked provided that you prefer it with the original border (as you have selected it from our stock photo gallery or uploaded it from your pc).


2. Customize backgrounds

Another new feature added to our sitebuilder tool deals with the background of your website. The set of applications offers you virtually a limitless mobility in choosing and customizing your back environment. Go to the Design area of your website's editor. Go to Customize Design and by clicking on it you will see two fields roll down.


Press on the Customize backgrounds button. In the next step you will see four images with the four areas of your site.


The first one refers to the header area, yet not the Banner!

The second one enables to edit the background of your entire page.

The third covers the customization of the content region of your web page.

The fourth enables you to add a background to the footer.

Press on any of these to make personal amendments to your web page background. Evidently, you can customize each and every of the aforementioned areas. Soon a customization window will pop up. In it you can choose the wallpaper to inhabit the background. The positioning arrows will assist you in selecting the precise location of background pictures. The ‘Scroll background with site' allows you to keep the background picture still, while your foreground can be scrolled.


For a more detailed presentation and guidance you can click on the following link.

3. Customize Fonts

Here you can set your fonts. The Customize Fonts field gives you the opportunity to switch to another font from the default font style of the chosen theme. Besides, you can customize every text widget with a single setting. Go to Design → Customize Design → Customize Fonts. From there you can adjust two areas of your web page: the content and the footer.


On the left side of the customization window you will find a list of text types, like: paragraph, headings and links. Choose those you would like to customize. The changes have to be carried out on each font type. In addition to Design settings, you can adjust your Fonts, Size and Colour. Once you are finished choosing click on Save.


4. Social Icons

Another new feature added to our sitebuilder tool is „Social Icons” and it gives you the opportunity to add and edit all of your social icons. Let's take a closer look at each advantage you can have by using this feature.

Go to Widgets  → Social Widgets  → Social Icons. Drag the Social Icons widget and drop it into the area you prefer.


In a few seconds, you will see this window:


This window has three areas.

The first area includes the following: ‘Add/Edit Icons’ , ‘Align’ , ‘Size’ , ‘Spacing’ and ‘Layout’.

Click on ‘Add/Edit Icons’ in order to insert the links to the social profiles of your business.


If the Facebook, Twitter and Google + icons are not sufficient, click on the blue ‘add more’ button to introduce more social icons. If you would like to remove one of the social icons just press on the little ‘X’ found in the right part.


You’re not satisfied with the alignment of your social icons? No problem, use the ‘Align’ option and arrange them as you wish.

The ‘Size’ option allows you to resize your icons from 16 pixels to 96 pixels. If you want to add a little room between your icons, use the ‘Spacing’ option with which you can add a space between 0 - 40 pixels.

The ‘Layout’ option will allow you to place your social icons horizontally or vertically.

The second area of the Social Icons allows you to personalize the type of your icons.

In the first box you have two options: either you leave the ‘PNG icon’ set, either you click on ‘Customize icon’.


If you go with the second option (Customize icon) you will be able to customize the background shape of your icons, the background colour and the icon colour. After you have finished customizing your icons, click on the blue ‘Save’ button.


The second box from the ‘Icon type’ option allows you to choose from different kind of icons set.


And in the third area of the Social Icons window you will be able to preview your work.

5. Exclude from Mobile

This option will hide the widget and its content from mobile devices. Explicitly, when your visitors enter your website on mobile devices (or handheld computers) they can neither see nor use that specific widget and its content at which you have initiated this option. It is also important to mention that the contents will be visible on a personal computer. If you prefer for instance a Google map, or a product to be concealed from mobile access please go to Options (on the top right corner of each widget) → ”Exclude from mobile”. In order to display it again click on the check box, so it will not appear ticked.


We hope you'll enjoy these new features. Use them to their fullest and you will see how much they matter! Since we greatly appreciate the opinion of our users, we welcome your feedback or any suggestions regarding these new features. Please reach us at info@mycylex.co.uk! Together we can make sure that your website will stand out!


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I wish to thank MyCylex for the amazing transformation of my website - since September last year my internet orders and inquiries have quadrupled. Mycyclex have now given my website a complete professional revamp to make it look professional but most importantly making it user friendly. The mobile version is also so user friendly - Thank you so much Jule http://www.touringpantomimecompany.co.uk/

Dear Jule, any type of feedback means a lot to us since we intend to develop our product. Positive feedbacks, however, give us an extra source of inspiration. Thank you for your kind words in the name of our whole community!