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A new way of creating websites

MyCylex Sitebuilder offers you a whole new experience in creating websites. Make sure you try it out to see the difference between the old and the new method! Get started today!
Feature Releases

How to buy a custom domain from MyCylex

Find the domain you wish at MyCylex Sitebuilder at an unmatched price. Because your online success starts with a catchy domain name!

Our unwritten rules regarding font families

Learn about the best practices in terms of using different font families when creating a website. Here you will find advice on some of the most important aspects of this matter.
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Feature Releases

PayPal – the perfect plan for payments

We have implemented an easy and secure solution for online money transfers in our Sitebuilder. Find out about the advantages of using a PayPal button and about how easy it is to have it on your MyCylex website.

5 Tips for an Effective Contact Us Page

The contact page is as essential for a website as wheels are for a car. Create a contact page which is out of the ordinary! Make sure that it has what it takes in order for your visitors to contact you. Here is how ...

Level up with the new social media tools!

They are here! The five new social media tools will definitely do the trick and boost up the popularity of your website. Posts, likes, comments and badges are just the things you need.
MyCylex News

MyCylex without boundaries

We are proud to announce that Pagix, CLX and are launched. Our aim is to become a brand without borders, to offer people from many different countries the possibility of using our tool!

With social media your marketing goes boom

Find out how having social media sites and managing them properly can help in developing a successful marketing strategy. We'll guide you through the most important aspects.

Having a website is not enough, make it outstanding!!!

Creating an image for your website is just like building a character or an avatar. Here are the five steps of achieving website uniqueness in parallel with creating a character.

Stock photos through the eyes of a geek

The new stock photos have arrived. Learn about the advantages of having professional photos on your website. Use our stock photos to create a visual impact that cannot be overlooked!