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cylex images
Can you tell me if when using the cylex images, are they provided free of charge. Thanks
Cylex images

Using the Cylex images that are provided is free of charge. You can use as many images as you like on your Cylex websites. You can use them in your Banner, Galleries, Slideshows, Picture widgets etc..

However, the images provided can not be used as a branding tool such as a logo. Also, it is not allowed to sell the images or to save and use the images elsewhere other than your Cylex websites.

why cant i see m published site
hi there, i am in the process of building a web site and have tried to publish the site to view it for checking the links to see if they work but unfortunately it doesn't show up on google, Help............ my website allthough not finished is allmypartyneeds
why cant i see m published site


In order to check whether your links on your website really function please click on the Preview button on the upper side of your editor. (When you are logged into your site in the editor mode you will not be able to check these links, only if you Publish the website and Sign out from your account - this is another way to check the functionality of your link).

Concerning your visibility on the search engines.

Please fill in the SEO Settings fields, which you wil find under Page Options. You have to write a short description and keywords for each and every of your page (try to imagine how your customers would search for your company online, write expressions and phrases made up of 2 or 3 words).

Another significant factor would be the configuration of your Social media icons (in the right corner of the editor). Connect your Facebook company profile, Twitter account, Google + to your website. All these are recommended to boost the visibility of your business and site as well.

Webmaster Tools is another handy tool which helps Google index your site. For the instruction please visit our online assistance under the Help button, which you will find in the right corner of your website's editor. (go to Help -> Interface) This Help contains screenshots for the necessary steps to set this application.

Let us know if you need any other piece of advice!

Bye for now!


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