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building a site
i am trying to put pictures and change the wording on my site,but nothing seems to work except the little boxes that tell you what to do,in the top right handcorner,there is what appears to be a globe with some sort of warning thing on it,it is so small i cannot make it out,and cannot do anything on the site thanks
Building a site

Greetings Indy,

From what you told us we think that you did not close the Guided Tour. You will be able to edit your site only after closing the tour. The tour is just a presentation of the site builder interface. You can close the tour by clicking the "x" (close) button in the tour box, the boxes with the steps. The globe with warning means that your site is not published yet, it is nothing to worry about, after publishing it will have a green check sign on.

Please let us know if this works or if you would like our customer support team to guide you through the process.

Iris G.

Cylex Sitebuilder Customer Support