What is a MyCylex subdomain?

MyCylex offers the domain registration under the MyCylex subdomains (e.g. [example.mycylex.co.uk]

What is a domain?

A domain is the unique online address where your visitors can find your website.

How to connect my domain with the MyCylex website, that I have created?

In order to connect your domain with your MyCylex website, login to your account with your domain registrar (where you purchased the domain), and find the Control Panel, DNS Control or Domain Manager option (or something similar to this). Then change the domain's DNS records to point to our IP address:

If you cannot find where to add our IP address, try to change the nameserver settings to:


Make sure to Save these changes. It can take 1 to 48 hours for these changes to update worldwide. Feel free to ask for help from your domain registrar, or contact us if there is anything we can provide you assistance with.