What is the policy on offensive or illegal materials on my website?

MyCylex has a zero tolerance policy over the use of any illegal materials such as adult, pornographic or offensive materials on your website. Once you used the illegal or offensive types of materials on your webpage, we will immediately take the website down and eliminate your account.

How can I delete my site?

If you wish to delete one of your websites, you can do so from the Dashboard - 'Delete Site' (option located under the 'Site Actions'). Your website will be deleted after a pending period of 30 days (time in which you can still see your site on the Dashboard, but your site will not be published, meaning it will not be visible online). During the pending period you can always recover your site from the Dashboard - 'Recover site' (option located under the 'Site Actions'). After the pending period expires you will not be able to recover your site, but you can always create a new website.