How can I change my theme?

Choose another theme under the Themes section located in the editor. Try out as many themes as you wish until you find the right one which is perfectly suitable for your business.

How can I find the right template for my business?

We offer different ready-made business category templates because we understand that every business is one of a kind. Browse through them and choose the most appropriate for your business profile!

Can I change my contact address?

Your contact address is the email address that you will receive your form emails from. You can change this email address to any other email address that you or your business owns, at any time, using the Contact Form widget.

What is the storage space I have for my website?

It depends on the package you choose.

I want to display my location on my site. Can I have a map on my website?

With MyCylex, it is easy to tell your customers where your business is located. Simply use the Google Maps widget to show customers where they can find you using the mapping service offered by Google.

I have my own images. Can I upload them on the site?

Yes, feel free to upload your own images as long as they don’t violate the Terms of Use entitled by MyCylex.

I picked a ready-made template for my business category. Can I change or edit it?

MyCylex offers ready made professional templates for your business, depending on your company profile. You can change or further edit these templates as you wish.

I am unable to receive my contact form submissions! What can I do?

First of all, make sure that you assigned the correct email address. If your email address is correctly written but you still do not receive your emails, double check if the email is not blocked (as it is possible, in some cases). Check your spam folder as well. In the case of your contact form submissions ending up in Spam, simply mark your emails with ‘no spam’.

Can I change the font size of my Navigation Menu?

Yes, you can change the font size of your Navigation menu from within the Navigation Manager widget panel.

How can I change my logo, site name and slogan?

Change your company logo, site name and slogan using the Branding Information options located in the MyCylex sitebuilder editor. Add your company name and upload your logo.

Can I paste a text from another source?

Yes, you can paste text from another source but keep in mind that before pasting the text you should click on the Remove Formatting button for a clean and readable result.

How can I change the font of my webpage?

MyCylex promotes the idea of an accessible, uncomplicated and user friendly text edition. Click inside the placeholder of the widget and then select the part of your text you intend to apply the font modification to. Your next move should be clicking on the Font family button and trying out as many types as you wish.

Can I add audio to my site?

Yes, you can add audio files to your website using the Audio widgets from the Media Widgets panel located in the sitebuilder editor.

How can I customise my pages?

You can customise your website pages using the MyCylex sitebuilding tools such as the Basic widgets, Form widgets, Media widgets, Social Widgets and also the template customisation option for Themes, Color Swatch and Layout.

How can I add other widgets to my site?

Our more experienced users can attach more widgets to their website, for example iFrames or JavaScript, simply by using the HTML Embedder. All you have to do is to drag-and-drop the aforementioned widget to the desired destination within your page. Inside the placeholder, you are invited to write the HTML code of the new widget, or from another source you can also copy-paste the code here.

How can I change the overall colour of my theme?

Pick another colour for your theme. Choose Design on the interface, then click on Theme colour, where you can select the desired colour from.

Can I add videos to my site?

Yes, you can add any Youtube video to your MyCylex site using the Youtube widget from the widgets panel.