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Template Color


The colour palette and arrangement of suggestive pictures with precious jewels will grab your visitors' fantasy and turn them into gemstone predators.

Antique Store

Antique Store stylishly displays vintage items and goods related to Art & Design, Antiquities, Online Stores, furniture, decoration, jewellery.

Dahlia Photography

Dahlia offers a dazzling design with mind-blowing colours. It has a perfect interface to upload and share countless photos, portfolios in an organized way.


For professional photography use our Photographer. The design suggests that structure, style and reliability prevail since photos are organized thematically.

Jewelry Store

Fashion & Retail proudly presents Jewelry Store! Dark and passionate, your classy and chic visitors will find galleries, store, bijouterie in this template.


Brilliant characterizes the template dedicated to Jewels and Accessories. Sparkling beauty shines from the pictures with gorgeous models and gemstones.