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Template Color


The design of this template will promise heavenly cuisine pleasures for the sweet toothed. The combination of colours and pictures wishes Bon appetit!

Wine Collections

Perfect for winery and wine presentation, this unique and refined template does not have bats in the belfry. In vino veritas!

Teacup Magic

Delight your visitors and new customers with this template design. The combination of colors and pictures suggest "It's tea time!"

Joe's Bakery

One of the most finest and suggestive representative templates of the category Food & Drink will convince your customers of culinary pleasures.

Gourmet Restaurant

Delicious food has never been presented in a more lickerish way. Gourmet Restaurant serves eye candy dishes for special occasions and not only.

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea emphasizes all the pleasures this aromatic beverage has to offer to its consumers. Roiboos, Black, Red Teas, kits are also available.