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The design of this template will promise heavenly cuisine pleasures for the sweet toothed. The combination of colours and pictures wishes Bon appetit!

Joe's Bakery

One of the most finest and suggestive representative templates of the category Food & Drink will convince your customers of culinary pleasures.

Gourmet Restaurant

Delicious food has never been presented in a more lickerish way. Gourmet Restaurant serves eye candy dishes for special occasions and not only.


Simple yet sweet, this template is perfect for your bakery or your catering business. Add your personal touch and build a website as delicious as your treats!

Irish Bistro

Irish Bistro has a unique design within the Food and Restaurant category. All features were carefully selected to enhance the idea of a special cuisine.

Bakery Shop

Baker Shop sells but fresh and tasty bakery products. Professional bakers can use it for advertizing house specialities based on exceptional ingredients.