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Template Color


The design of this template will promise heavenly cuisine pleasures for the sweet toothed. The combination of colours and pictures wishes Bon appetit!


Be chic, trendy and awesome! Follow hair trends and endeavour to look as stylishly fashionable as your model celebs. This template will do the trick!


Plan ahead your road trip now! Find travel mates and dream of exotic destinations. The design foreshadows the adventures you are about to embark on.

Retro Cars

If you are selling old and used cars Retro Cars is your perfect template. The colour palette and images mirror an authentic part of the automobile history.


Using this template to show your dedication towards nature and wildlife preserving activities will definitely have a huge impact on the general public.

Girl ♥ Boy

Show the world the excitement around your wedding! Let your visitors track the magic and romance surrounding the most important event of your life!