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Template Color


The design of this template will promise heavenly cuisine pleasures for the sweet toothed. The combination of colours and pictures wishes Bon appetit!

Happy Petals

Happy Petals is full of joie de vivre, vibrant colours and astonishing ensemble of the most carefully selected flowers. Perfect for florists!

Girl ♥ Boy

Show the world the excitement around your wedding! Let your visitors track the magic and romance surrounding the most important event of your life!

Dj Eve

The feeling of Tech-noir will be accomplished by DJ Eve since funky is back in the music house in big style! Rave, dubstep, disco lights are all in the mix!

Florist Shop

Tastefully designed without a pushing sense of modernism Florist Shop will take your visitors' breath away. Enjoy the fragrance permeating through the pages.

Gourmet Restaurant

Delicious food has never been presented in a more lickerish way. Gourmet Restaurant serves eye candy dishes for special occasions and not only.